Kidwell Investigations

State of Iowa cases - Hired by attorneys and authorized through the State Public Defenders office.

Post Conviction Relief cases - Hired by attorneys, families, and authorized through the State Public Defenders office. Jan Kidwell has been a part of many prisoner releases as a result of diligent and brilliant expertise investigations and attorney teamwork against wrongful convictions and or charges. Jan has a special skill set that enables him to locate and reveal new and or exculpatory evidence in new and current cases, old cases and cold cases; if it exists.

Criminal Defense Investigation - Generally retained by attorneys, court appointed, and private clients. The services provided include:

Viewing and analyzing evidence and discovery, interviewing witnesses and potential witnesses, law enforcement and prior law enforcement, and taking statements and affidavits. I do still photography, and audio videotaped live evidentiary activities. I obtain and collect information and new and exculpatory evidence, research, analyze and strategize cases. I also interview prisoners and witnesses in local and county jails and state and federal prisons. I provide trial preparation and testimony.

I Locate people, Missing People, Children, Kidnapped Individuals, Witnesses and information of all types - criminal, civil, private, professional, background, profiles and records. Jan has tracked down kidnapped children, located unknown birth evidence and individuals from cases dating as far back as 56 years, located birth parents and relatives in adoption cases and joined unknowing families together for the first time.

Domestic Investigation - I do a limited amount of domestic investigation. If neglected, abused, missing children, or kidnapped children are involved; the chances are greater that I will accept the case.

Current Murders, Cold Case Murders & Post - Conviction Relief are my Specialty.

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